Buffet Menus


Buffet Menu Wedding Catering


A fun and less formal dining option that allows guests to choose from a selection of dishes. A service option that requires less front of house staff.


Buffet menu example:

Served from a buffet station with guests serving themselves.


Wood fired Hampshire Lamb Shoulder

Wood fired Hampshire Beef brisket 

Grilled Vegetable Kebabs (Vegetarian) 

Sweet Potato Falafels (Vegan)


Served with a selection of sides:

Fresh bread rolls / Thyme roasted new potatoes / Green bean and rocket salad / Apple, beetroot, fennel and carrot coleslaw/ Wild rice salad / Tomato and caper salad 


Served with a selection of sauces:

Mint & cucumber yogurt / Homemade Piccalilli / Horseradish creme /  Peri Peri hot sauce / Green chilli salsa / Chipotle sauce.